Jazz vibraphonist, composer, born in 1977. Jazz vibraphonist and composer. In 2018 he has been awarded as the best vibraphonist in Jazz Top by Jazz Forum magazine.

In 1996 he graduated musical college in Elblag, then studied at Music Academy of Gdansk (instrumental faculty). In 1998 he continued his studies at jazz music department of Music Academy of Katowice, where he graduated in 2002.

In 1999 him & his band Blue Mind Quartet were singled out for special praise in „Ogolnópolski Przegląd Młodych Zespołów Jazzowych i Bluesowych” in Gdynia. In January 2002 the band received first prize in a prestigious competition Bielskiej Zadymki Jazzowej in Bielsko-Biala and Dominik was presented with a statuette „Jazz Angel 2002” and also had their first album produced and released.

He was nominated for the” Grand Prix Jazz Melomani 2003″ in the category „Hope of Music Connoisseur 2003” and „Storm of 2005” by Gdansk edition of Gazeta Wyborcza daily. He was also nominated by „Dziennik Baltycki” in a plebiscite „Man of the Year 2005”.

His album „Projektor” was rated one of the top ten albums of 2005 by the Jazz Forum magazine and in 2010 his last record ,,Vice Versa” was nominated for the FRYDERYKI Award. In 2013 „Kropla Slowa”, the album of Krystyna Stanko in which Bukowski composed most of the music, was chosen as the best album of the year by Jazz Forum magazine. Also as a sideman he was awarded The Gold Disc for „Melisa” of Przemek Dyakowski. In 2011 he received Artistic Award from the Marshal of the Pomorskie Voivodeship. His record „SUFIA” from 2016 got many very good reviews and was in few annual critics polls as one of the best album.

Dominik Bukowski played and recorded with musicians such as: Amir ElSaffar, Cikada Quartet, Nigel Kennedy, Soweto Kinch, Tim Hagans, Janusz Muniak, Leszek Mozdzer, Piotr Wojtasik, Maciej Sikala, Zbigniew Namyslowski, Jan „Ptaszyn” Wroblewski, Krystyna Stańko and others.

He has performed at many polish jazz festivals and abroad (Canada, Indonesia, Israel, Russia and most of the European countries). Dominik Bukowski is also the composer of music to few theatrical and choreography performances.

Together with wife Anna has opened  music school ,,VIRTUO” in Gdynia.


  • Vibraphone ADAMS, model Artist Alpha
  • Marimba BERGERAULT, 4 1/3, Honduras Rosewood Keys
  • Xylosynth XS6-3, Wernick


  • Simple Words
  • Jazz Jantar Festival, fot. P. Wyszomirski
  • fot. A. Dereszkiewicz
  • fot. A. Dereszkiewicz
  • Nigel Kennedy Band
  • Jazz Jantar Festival, fot. P. Wyszomirski
  • Orange Trane + Soweto Kinch, Kuba Skowroński
  • Emil Kowalski Quintet
  • fot. A. Dereszkiewicz
  • Dominik Bukowski Quartet
  • Elec-Tri-City
  • Wacław Zimpel/Dominik Bukowski Duo fot. P. Wyszomirski
  • K.Jonkisz, DB, Tim Hagans, Piotr Lemańczyk Quartet
  • Orange Trane
  • Bobby Hutcherson
  • Jazz Jantar Festival, fot. P. Wyszomirski
  • fot. W. Rojek
  • Krystyna Stańko Quintet feat. Zé Luis Nascimento
  • Duality
  • Jazz Jantar Festival, fot. P. Wyszomirski