New album Delta Scuti

Dominik Bukowski – vibraphone
Dominik Kisiel – piano, Fender Rhodes
Go North Records, 2021 / Buy CD

Having combined their musical experiences, two musicians from both the current and the new generation created a duo, the art of which is filled with euphonic colours and artistic liberty. Both instrumentalists work together like two halves of a single organism, inspiring one another and seeking new musical spaces. Live performances of the duo are open sessions of improvisation, which, despite a very intimate set of instruments, fluctuate and voyage between the expressive and contemplative aspects of music.

Delta Scuti – a formation of faraway stars, the pulsations of which has been a subject of analysis for a long time. According to the newest reports, said pulsations are not at all random, as previously thought, but form rationalizable rhythmic structures; a regular pulse pattern.